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Journal of Forest and Environmental Science
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Journal of Forest Science 2012 May; 28(2): 118-136

Flora of the Coastal Forests on the Same Latitude of East and West Coast in Korea

Nam-Young Kim, Hye-Jin Choi, Young-Seol Kim, Hak-Bong Lee, Ho-Jun Son and Wan-Geun Park*
Department of Forest Resources, College of Forest and Environmental Sciences, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 200-701, Republic of Korea
Investigation of flora was performed from March to October of 2008 as Eastern and Western coastal districts located in the same latitude (36°47′-37°48′), in order to apply this to basic data for effective protection and management of coastal forests also for insurance of biodiversity in coastal forests. As a result of the investigation of floras, both coastal forests recorded product-plants as follows: 98 families, 262 genera, 370 species, 46 varieties, 4 forms, 1 hybrid, 421 taxa in total. The Eastern coastal forests had 85 families, 188 genus, 248 species, 32 varieties, 3 forms, 1 hybrid, 285 taxa in total, whereas Western coastal forest had 96 families, 227 genus, 306 species, 39 varieties, 2 forms, 1 hybrid, 348 taxa in total. Among them, seashore plants accounted for 10.2% of total plants appeared in both coastal, and they are 26 families, 38 genus, 40 species, 3 hybrids and 43 taxa in total. There are special Korea plants in both coastal; 9 families, 9 genus, 8 species, 1 varieties, 1 hybrid, 10 taxa in total. There are rare plants in both coastal; 8 families, 8 genus, 7 species, 1 varieties, 8 taxa in total. Naturalized plants are also existed; 11 families, 24 species, 1 variety, 30 taxa in total.
coastal forest, flora, East coast, West coast, same latitude
Journal of Forest Science 2012 May; 28(2): 118-136
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