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Journal of Forest and Environmental Science
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Journal of Forest Science 2012 May; 28(2): 106-117

Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis of Gangwon Provincial Forest Sector in Response to Climate Change

Hee Mun Chae, Hyun Ju Lee and Gi Jeung Um*
Climate Change Research Institute of Korea, Chuncheon 200-041, Republic of Korea
In an effort to analyze the impact of climate change, Gangwon provincial forest was divided into three sectors; forest ecology, forest disaster, and forest productivity and analysis of their current status from 2000 to 2009 and vulnerability assessment by climate change has been carried in this study. In case of vulnerability assessment, except for the forest ecology, forest disaster (forest fires and forest pests) and forest productivity sectors were analyzed in current status, the year of 2020, and 2050. It turned out that vulnerability of forest fires in the field of disaster would become worse and forest pests also would make more impact even though there is some variation in different areas. In case of the vulnerability of forest productivity there would be not a big difference in the future compared with current vulnerability. Systematic research on the sensitivity index used for vulnerability assessment is necessary since vulnerability assessment result greatly depends on the use of climate exposure index and adaptive capacity index.
vulnerability assessment, climate change, forest fire, forest ecology, forest productivity
Journal of Forest Science 2012 May; 28(2): 106-117
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