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Journal of Forest and Environmental Science
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Journal of Forest Science 2012 May; 28(2): 97-105

The Effects of Drought on Forest and Forecast of Drought by Climate Change in Gangwon Region

Hee Mun Chae, Sangsin Lee* and Gi Jeung Um
Climate Change Research Institute of Korea, Chuncheon 200-041, Republic of Korea
A Gangwon region consisting of over 80% of forest area has industries that have been developed by utilizing its clean region image. However, the recent climate change has increased the forest disease & insect pest as well as the forest fire and the major cause is known to be the increase in the frequency of a drought occurrence. From the aspect of climate change, it can be said that drought and forest are important in every aspect of the adaptation and mitigation of climate change measure as they increase forest disease & insect pest that leads to desolation of usable forest resource. In addition, the increase of forest fire reduces resources that can absorb greenhouse gas, which leads to increase in green house emission. The purpose of this study is to provide a motive for concentrating administrative power for protecting forest in a Gangwon region by selecting a drought management needed local government through a drought forecast according to the climate change scenario of a Gangwon region.
forecast of drought, forest, climate change, SPI
Journal of Forest Science 2012 May; 28(2): 97-105
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