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Journal of Forest and Environmental Science
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Journal of Forest Science 2012 May; 28(2): 63-67

Crown Ratio Models for Tectona grandis (Linn. f) Stands in Osho Forest Reserve, Oyo State, Nigeria

Popoola F.S.1 and Adesoye P.O.2,*
1Department of Forestry & Wildlife, University of Portharcout, Portharcout, Nigeria 2Department of Forest Resources Management,University of Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria
Crown ratio is the ratio of live crown length to tree height. It is often used as an important predictor variable for tree growth equation. It indicates tree vigor and is a useful parameter in forest health assessment. The objective of the study was to develop crown ratio prediction models for Tectona grandis. Based on the data set from the temporary sample plots, several non linear equations including logistics, Chapman Richard and exponential functions were tested. These functions were evaluated in terms of coefficient of determination (R2) and standard error of the estimate (SEE). The significance of the estimated parameters was also verified. Plot of residuals against estimated crown ratios were observed. Although the logistic model had the highest R2 and the least SEE, Chapman-Richard and Exponential functions were observed to be more consistent in their predictive ability; and were therefore recommended for predicting crown ratio in the stand.
crown ratio, tree growth variables, modeling, Tectona grandis
Journal of Forest Science 2012 May; 28(2): 63-67
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