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Sung Ho Kil
Kangwon National University (Korea)
Tel: 033-250-8342
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Managing Editor
Song Yi Han
Kangwon National University (Korea)
H.P: 010-9069-8072
Subject Editors
Forest Management and Economics
Guillermo Trincado
gtrincad@gmail.com Universidad Austral de Chile (Chile)
Mui How Phua
pmh@ums.edu.my Universiti Malaysia Sabah (Malaysia)
Jung Soo Lee
jslee72@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Ignacio J. Diaz-Maroto
ignacio.diazmaroto@usc.es University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Sang Kyun Han
hsk@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Joon Soon Kim
jskim@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Forest Resources and Ecology
Eun Ju Cheong
ejcheong@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Yong Eui Choi
yechoi@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Pavel Krestov
krestov@biosoil.ru Institute of Biology and Soil Science (Russia)
Mohd Hasmadi Ismail
mhasmadi@putra.upm.edu.my Universiti Putra Malaysia (Malaysia)
Suk Woo Kim
kimsw@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Nam Jin Noh
njnoh@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Sang Rea Shim
s.shim@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Forest and Environmental Protection
Byoung Koo Choi
bkchoi@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Hee Mun Chae
cheemun@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Il Kwon Park
parkik1@snu.ac.kr Korea Forest Research Institute (Korea)
Ki Woo Kim
kiwoo@knu.ac.kr Kyungpook National University (Korea)
Kyoung Nam Kim
robert00@rig.re.kr Research Institute for Gangwon (Korea)
Kyoichi Otsuki
otsuki@forest.kyushu-u.ac.jp Kyushu University (Japan)
Jong Kook Jung
jkjung@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Forest Biomaterials Engineering
Dae Young Kim
sbpkim@dongguk.edu Dongguk University (Korea)
Nam Hun Kim
kimnh@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Nadir Ayrilmis
nadiray@istanbul.edu.tr Istanbul University (Turkey)
Niki Labbé
nlabbe@utk.edu The University of Tennessee (USA)
Yoshikuni Teramoto
teramoto@gifu-u.ac.jp Gigu University (Japan)
Se Yeong Park
parksy319@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Hyun Jun Ko
kohney@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Paper Science and Engineering
Byoung Uk Cho
bucho@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Takashi Endo
t-endo@aist.go.jp Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)
Yong Sik Kim
yongsikk@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Jin Ho Seo
seojh97@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Forest Landscape Planning and Design
Gab-Soo Han
hanggs@kangnung.ac.kr Gangneungwonju National University (Korea)
Hyun Kil Jo
jhk@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Yun Eui Choi
uni313@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Won Seok Jang
wsjang@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Wildlife Management and Genomics
Ha Cheol Sung
shcol2002@jnu.ac.kr Chonnam National Univeristy (Korea)
Yung Chul Park
parky@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Systematics and Biogeography
Pavel Krestov
krestov@biosoil.ru Institute of Biology and Soil Science (Russia)
Jung Sun Yoo
lycosidae@korea.kr National Institute of Biological Resources (Korea)
Forest Recreation
Ju Hee Lee
jhlee3@daegu.ac.kr Daegu University (Korea)
Bum Jin Park
bjpark@cnu.ac.kr Chungnam National University (Korea)
Plant Ecophysiology
Portia Lapitan
portialapitan@yahoo.com University of the Philippines Los Baños (Philippines)
Koike Takayoshi
tkoike@for.agr.hokudai.ac.jp Hokkaido University (Japan)
Plant Molecular Biology and Technology
Jae Heung Ko
jhko@khu.ac.kr Kyunghee University (Korea)
Forest Operation and Engineering
Han Sup Han
Han-Sup.Han@nau.edu Humboldt State University (USA)
Others Forest-related Topics
Seung Hwan Lee
lshyhk@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Editorial Board Members
Suk Chan Lee
cell4u@skku.edu SungKyunKwan University (Korea)
Hyo Sig Won
wonhs@daegu.ac.kr Daegu University (Korea)
Ki Wan Ahn
kiwan@chonnam.ac.kr Chonnam National University (Korea)
Young Soo Bae
bae@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Hee Seop Byeon
hsbyeon@gnu.ac.kr Gyeongsang National University (Korea)
Du Song Cha
dscha@kangwon.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Myung Suk Choi
mschoi@gnu.ac.kr Gyeongsang National University (Korea)
Kyu Suk Kang
Kangks@foa.go.kr Korea Forest Research Institute (Korea)
Byung Ro Kim
brkim@cbnu.ac.kr Chungbuk National University (Korea)
Hyun Joong Kim
hjokim@snu.ac.kr Seoul National University (Korea)
Pan Gi Kim
pgkim@knu.ac.kr Kyungbuk National University (Korea)
Yeong Suk Kim
yskim@kookmin.ac.kr Kookmin University (Korea)
Won Hee Lee
leewh@knu.ac.kr Kyungbuk National University (Korea)
Woo Kyun Lee
leewk@korea.ac.kr Korea University (Korea)
Sung Phil Moon
msp@chonbuk.ac.kr Chunbuk National University (Korea)
Gwan Soo Park
gspark@cnu.ac.kr Chungnam National University (Korea)
Ji Hyung Park
jhp@ewha.ac.kr Ewha Womans University (Korea)
Sang Jun Park
sjupark@bh.knu.ac.kr Kangwon National University (Korea)
Sang Cheol Shin
shincs99@forest.go.kr Korea Forest Research Institute (Korea)
Tsugio Ezaki
ezaki@agr.ehime-u.ac.jp Ehime Univerity (Japan)
Fauzi Febrianto
febrianto76@yahoo.com Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia)
Feng-Ri Li
fengrili@hotmail.com College of Forestry Northeast Forestry University (China)
Joo Young Cha
armillariacha@yahoo.co.kr Hokkaido University (Japan)
Management Committees
Seung Hwan Lee
Kangwon National University (Korea)
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Kangwon National University (Korea)
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Yong Sik Kim
Kangwon National University (Korea)
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Suk Woo Kim
Kangwon National University (Korea)
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Jong Kook Jung
Kangwon National University (Korea)
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Sung Ho Kil
Kangwon National University (Korea)
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Yun Eui Choi
Kangwon National University (Korea)
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Sang Kyun Han
Kangwon National University (Korea)
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